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Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig 1.5kg

Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig 1.5kg

Price: £5.48

Science Selective Guinea Pig is designed to combat selective feeding in guinea pigs - ensuring they receive a complete diet with all the nutrients they require to stay healthy
Science Selective Guinea Pig is made with a blend of tasty herbs:

Dandelion encourages the natural elimination of stored water and eases constipation
Fennel stimulates gastric motility to aid digestion and calm bloating
Nettle contains B vitamins and trace minerals, important for a healthy glossy coat

With added Vitamin C, required by guinea pigs as they are unable to store or synthesise it in their bodies. The Vitamin C in Science Selective Guinea Pig is stabilised and protected to ensure its inclusion remains at a stable level
Fibrous biscuit shape aids dental wear and ensures a healthy digestive system
Natural ingredients provides a natural diet, whilst its manufacturing ensures consistency, resulting in health and vitality
High palatability - with 72%* of guinea pigs preferring Science Selective Guinea Pig when trialled against a competitor product
The average adult guinea pig will need approximately 30g-50g of Science Selective Guinea Pig a day


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